Review for My Little Monster Vol.11

Review for My Little Monster Vol.11

258079464.5 stars. We are getting closer and closer to the end of this manga! 🙁

Last volume Haru and Shizu had an argument, and Haru disappeared. This volume continues on that, and also on the consequences, on the feelings of others. Because even though it is about Haru and Shizu, all their friends are affected as well. They all miss him, they all want him back. The manga also shows that while Haru might not think so, he does have a whole lot of people who care about him (clubs, classmates, schoolmates and more). It was amazing. I don’t think Haru could have thought he would have so many people caring about him back when the manga started.

And Haru isn’t the only one changing. Shizu is still changing as well. She is starting to open up more, she is starting to understand her feelings, knowing that while Haru frustrates her, it is a good thing, she loves him. She wants to be with him. She is hurt, and confused in this manga. Luckily, Shizu has friends and they do anything to help her out. Talk to her.
I have to say I love Shizu more and more with each volume. She is really starting to become more and more human, and less robot/emotionless study monster.

This manga also delves deeper in the Yamaken x Shizu part. I am really happy with how it was handled, it is good for both of them with how it ended. (If you want to know how it ended, well you will have to read the manga. :))

I laughed out loud during the time that Natsumi, Haru, Sasayan were stalking Shizu and Yamaken.

The art is really gorgeous at times, there are several panels that were just beautiful and brought out the characters features. But then at other times, it was back to chibified/deformed characters and weird expressions. But I am OK with that, it makes the manga what it is. A fun, happy, good manga, that is comedy, yet also touches real life subjects.

All in all, I am sad that this manga will soon be over. I would really recommend it to everyone.


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