Review for November 9

Review for November 9

25111004Ladies and gentlemen, Colleen Hoover did it again. She wrote another amazing book with wonderful characters and an emotional story!

This time we have Ben and Fallon, and their tale of romance, stormy pasts and lots of book terms and puns. Like with most of Colleen Hoover’s book, each of the characters have an intriguing backstory which makes you really invest in the characters. You just want to cheer for them, shake them when they do stupid things, you want to hug them when things go bad, you want to whisper comforting words in times of sadness. Colleen Hoover has the talent to write characters who you will miss when you close the book, when you are dong with their story. I have had it 99% of the books she has written, and I have read. The only exception was that Never Never book, but since that is co-written, I should not really add it to the list. So 100% it is. Each book I can still remember the characters and I just want to jump back into that world to read their stories again.

Back to this book. It is written in Dual POV, and also you only see one day of the year, November 9th, which is the day they decided to meet every year until they were 23. Why 23? Thank Fallon’s mom for that. I can somehow imagine why she said it, but seriously, you can’t stop love. And you also see that in this book. Love isn’t just put on-hold, it isn’t shelved, you can’t just ignore it. It is nice that you want to wait, but do you really want the love of your life to get out of your life? I know I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t care about that thing of 23 years. I find someone I want to be with? Screw that 23 saying!

But I have to say it was creative, and it was interesting to see how it worked out between the characters. Of course the days they meet aren’t all joy and fun, they are quite stormy and filled with emotions. Not only good, but also sad ones, angry ones and much more. At times I cried, at times I cheered, at times I was angry at the characters and their stupidity.

Fallon is a great main character, and she hits close home for me. I don’t have the scars, but I know how it is when people judge you for how you look. Judge you based on your outside package. I know how much it hurts. So I was really interested in seeing how Fallon grew, how Ben’s words hit home with her, how he helped her see past the scars, see past the judging looks. See that she is, and these are Ben’s words, Fucking Beautiful.
I loved how it all started with her being super-insecure, but as the time past she got stronger, she started to show herself again. And it was just amazing to see. I was just clapping along near the end, I was so proud of her.
I also loved how she just went along with her path in life. She didn’t care about her dad, she decided to just go for it, try out for acting, try to find out what her way in life is. She is a really strong character and I just loved that she didn’t care to shy away from saying what was on her mind.
Of course she does make mistakes (but I think that is what makes her even better), and she makes bad decisions (well bad, not necessary but more like not the best decisions at the time).

Ben, ah, Ben. He was so sweet, so charming, so swoons. He was kind towards Fallon, he was sweet towards her, never pushing her, never doing something she wouldn’t want. I like that he is a writer (or at least wants to be one), I think he really has a knack for writing.
I have something more to say about Ben, but I will put that under the spoiler tag, since it is something that is only found out near the end. So don’t open the spoiler tag unless you read the book, OK?
Ben’s past, wow, that just changed it drastically for me on how I felt about Ben when we first find out. I was angry at him, angry that he never had the fucking guts to just tell Fallon that it was his fault she got the scars. But then we find out why it all happened, why everything was set in motion, and all I could feel for Ben was sadness. That poor guy. Sure, burning something isn’t something I would agree on, but I can also see why he did. Of course then he finds out stuff and the guilt starts to come up. I just felt so sorry for him. For witnessing that, and then in the spur of the moment making a bad decision which wouldn’t have been made if only he had seen that message. 🙁 I also was happy to see that he tried to explain himself to Fallon, and when that didn’t work, tried to give her the manuscript and let her read it herself, and then all he could do was hope she would forgive him.

Ben and Fallon weren’t the only characters I really liked. I also liked all the other characters we meet. Ben’s brothers, his sister-in-law, Fallon’s friends. They were all there and they all made the story so much bigger and made it really come to life.

November 9 isn’t only the date of Ben x Fallon, but it is a date that means so much more, and you find that out as the book continues.

Ben and Fallon’s relationship it was just so lovely (and also sad), I was delighted with their banter, and I loved Fallon’s bookish behaviour (yay, booklovers in a book!). There are various scenes that are quite hot, and I enjoyed reading them. They weren’t extremely graphic, they were mostly just sweet and lovely.

The ending? It made me cry. So sweet, so beautiful, such a great way to end the book!

Phew, I think I have mentioned everything I feel about this book, the only thing I want to do is to recommend this to everyone! Searching for a book with an amazing cast? Searching for a book with some lovely scenes? Searching for a book with lots of depth? Then check this book out!


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