Review for Rosie’s Special Present

Review for Rosie’s Special Present

18460074I spotted this book in the bookstore (yes, even though stores here have little English books in stock, they do have some). I was immediately pulled towards the book, the cover looked adorable, and the blurb sounded so cute.

I love how this book is mostly from the point of view of the present, or the little kitty. From how he is pondering inside his little present box, to the moment he breaks free. This kitty is on a prowl, and he will do anything to look pretty and even more awesome, since he worries that his new owner might not like him with all the other presents around. It was really cute to see him wander around the place, all the while worrying about stuff like if his new owner would like him, or what his new owner is like.

On the other side we have our little birthday girl, at times we see her POV as well. We see her want to check out the awesome present, we see her boast about it to her friends, and then the amazingly cute ending which made me go awww.

Of course I won’t tell you what happens at the ending, you will just have to find that one out yourself. 😀

The illustraties are really pretty, I love how the little kitty is drawn, and I love the details in the backgrounds and objects in the house. Everything is also colourfully drawn, so I am sure this book will attract a lot of people.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes and triple yes. This is one adorable book, it will make you squeal, it will make you all tingly and happy. Perfect for the season we are in, where rain and snow make everything gloomy.


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