Review for Say I Love You Vol.10

Review for Say I Love You Vol.10

24961752OMG Yes, finally finally finally! Sorry, I am just so happy about an event that happened in this book that was hinted to so many times, I was already wondering when it would truly happen. Not going to say what kind of event, you will have to find out. 😀

This volume was just 100% adorableness and perfection. I do wonder though, since they have known each other for some time now, how did they not know about Mei’s birthday? I know she was sick last year, but did no one ever think that it was strange that Mei never celebrated/had a birthday? I would find it strange at least, if one of my friends would never mention their birthday, or have a birthday. But apparently they didn’t. Their reactions were hilarious and I just laughed so hard.

The Christmas party, I am so happy for Mei. From her little world she stepped into a bigger world, with a boyfriend, with friends, with family, her world is ever expanding and it is just so much fun to see her playing games, laughing and having a great time. Finally the hard times are over for Mei.

And that is what I love about this series as well. From a stoic, silent Mei, we are slowly getting a Mei who is realizing the world is at her feet, that her friends and her boyfriend love her, forever, that she doesn’t need to hide behind a shell or a wall. She can just smile, relax and enjoy her days. And you can see that in everything she does. She is less stony towards her friends, instead she tells them (embarrassed of course, but anyone would be) what happens with her and Yamato, something I wouldn’t have seen her do when the relationship just started.
In this volume you also see Mei realise all that. And it was just so much fun and I was just nodding, tearing up at times.

We also have 2 other couples, but I am not that interested in them. They are nice, but I come for Mei and Yamato, not for them.

The art is still gorgeous, though I still stick to what I said before I believe, that I find it weird that girls find themselves fat, but look like twigs. It just doesn’t seem realistic. Like with the last part, where Mei weighs herself and is startled with her weight, and I am like, wait what? You are thin as a broom, why are you complaining about a bit of weight?
But other than that, the art is gorgeous, and I am kind of happy how that scene between Yamato and Mei was handled, on the one hand I know that the mangaka is shying away from stuff (because we have seen more nakedness than this) and I am kind of sad that she went for the hiding away part, but on the other hand it does fit with the whole Mei x Yamato part. How they are still embarrassed about things, how it is all new to both of them (sure, Yamato is more experienced, but in a way this is also new to him, Mei is totally different from other girls).

All in all, there were some big steps taken in this book, and I am curious to see how the relationship will progress. I can’t wait for the next volume to come out!


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