Review for The Jolley-Rogers and the Monster’s Gold

Review for The Jolley-Rogers and the Monster’s Gold

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Welcome to a new Jolley-Rogers story, they are back again, and this time they are hunting for a new treasure, of course taking Matilda with them (how magical that it is Half-Term for her). But the trip won’t be going all that fine, we got a scary fiddler (who can’t do anything but sing terribly bad shanties), we got monkeys, bananas, and TENTACLES! Oh and did I mention the terrible monster they are attached to? No, well, then, MONSTER!

I really loved this book and I was laughing out loud many many times. And it was also sweet, I loved that Matilda was fishing at the harbour to get mail from her best friend (though I do wonder how such mail gets attached to a hook, magic perhaps?). The adventure this time is fun, though I did miss Matilda in it all. She does participate for a big part, and has some important stuff to do, but I just missed her when the battle became truly real.
Still the last battle was exciting and I was just cheering for everyone. I do hope we won’t meet the monster again, man, that is one creepy monster.

The book really flew by, I read it in one go, I just couldn’t put it down it was so much fun.

Also I am just glad I am not living on a pirate’s ship. While some of the food on that BBQ sounded nice, most of them sounded disgusting.

Of course we also have great illustrations which were really fun to look at. I loved seeing all the pirates, the big bad monster (TENTACLES!). Jonn Duddle has a great art style which I really like.

All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone. Be sure to also read the other Jolley-Roger books, otherwise you might be confused.


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