Review for The Last Kids on Earth

Review for The Last Kids on Earth

CNSLKDRU8AA6QVpA fantastic, laugh out loud read, with monsters, zombies, “damsel in distress” and much much more, which I am sure young and old will love!

I saw this Graphic Novel pop up (not even sure where any more), but I knew instantly this was a book I was going to love. And after reading it? Yes, yes, I love it a lot. I even went ahead and pre-ordered the sequel. Yes, this one is getting a sequel, something I didn’t know until I finished, scrolled through the last pages and came upon a page that gave the hint that our characters would be back. 😀

Now for this book. What would you do if the world you know, the world you well, kind of, like, suddenly is overrun by monsters and zombies? If you are the main character that means you ran home and went to hide in your foster brother’s treehouse and totally upgraded the hell out of it. Also, for sake of sanity, made up feats and challenges to complete (yes, the things people do in an apocalypse).
I really liked the main character, though I did find him a bit cocky, and at times over the top. He was quite awkward at times, luckily he isn’t alone on the awkward front, his best friend is also quite, um, awkward.
But the main character is also really great and tough. Many a kid would just hide out in a closet, try to live for a day longer, but our main character? He actually goes and kicks some butt.
Not always for the good reasons, but I guess love can be a good enough reason. 🙂

My favourite character, however, would be the pet they gain. I won’t say anything about what kind, monster or normal, big or small. I just needed to mention it as the pet really made me laugh, and also go awwww.

There was only one thing I would have liked to see. Where the monsters/zombies came from. We do get a flashback to the day everything went to hell, but I am still quite curious. Monsters/zombies just don’t magically appear, there must be a reason, either magical or chemical, and I really want to know about it.
But I was at least delighted they showed a quick flashback to how everything went to hell.

The Blargh, that was an interesting antagonist, and a deadly one as well, since you won’t be safe anywhere with him around. Reminder: Do not stabbie stab big monsters unless you want to be followed cough stalked everywhere!

The illustrations are fantastic, there are a lot of them, and they really power up the story and make it even more of a fun ride. I really love the art, it fits the book perfectly (the style), and the character is exactly as I would have pictured it had I only read the story. This is something that doesn’t happen often, quite a few times my image for a character is totally different from what the illustrator gives us.

All in all though, this is one kick-ass book. You will also just laugh your butt out, cheer for the characters, and will be flying through this book. Before you know it the book is over. So be warned! You are in for a ride.


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