Review for A Court of Thorns and Roses

Review for A Court of Thorns and Roses

160968244.5 stars. This was amazing, even though it took me almost a week to read it, I loved the book. 🙂

I have heard a lot about Sarah J. Maas, about her epic Throne of Glass series, about this book, and I really wanted to try it out. Luckily (and mostly magically), my library had this one in English. I decided to immediately jump on it and read it. And boy, I am glad I did. I also requested the Throne of Glass books to be added in English to the library, so here I am, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Wow, Sarah J. Maas sure knows how to write an epic, intriguing story with great characters which you will love and hate. We got a whole cast of characters, faerie and humans. I must say that I liked the faeries more than I did the humans. They were way more interesting than the humans.

Feyre, a human girl. Boy, I loved her for most of the book. At times I wanted to shake her and get some sense in her, because boy did she try some stupid stuff. The whole Faeries are scary part, I could understand, however I would say that after a few months she would start to understand they aren’t that bad.
What she did for Tamlin near the end? Amazing. That is one girl who is willing to go through great lengths to save what she loves, even in times when she is totally not seeing the light (which is logical, anyone would become depressed in such a hell hole).
Also I just love her name.

Tamlin, ah Tamlin. swoons He was amazing, sexy, mysterious, kind, brave, trying his best to keep his lands clean of bad things, trying to help Feyre. The descriptions on how he looked also definitely helped and I was just squealing a lot!

Tamlin’s friend, well, that was a character that was hit and miss for me. I didn’t always like his attitude towards Feyre. However, with what is told near the end? I can forgive him, and I can understand why he did what he did. I think I would have acted the same way if the situation was like that. Even with his grumpy mood, you did see that he truly cared for Feyre and I loved it.

Rhysand, our resident bad boy who you want to hate, but can’t. At least that was my problem. He was a dick, he was abusive, he was bad in all way, but when you find out why he did it, and also what he didn’t do, you will like him. At least I did. At first I was afraid, then angry, but later I could see the little hints and I started to like him.
Though I do hope we don’t get a silly love triangle in the next book, because I will seriously flip tables if that happens. 😐 Don’t ruin the perfection that is Tamlin x Feyre, thanks.

Of course we have the wicked bitch of the Mountain. Gosh, what a terrible character that was. Not written badly, oh no, just terrible for the actions that person does.

The book has lots of twists and turns, and I loved them all. It was really interesting, you thought you had everything, and then bang, new twist and turn in the road.

Sarah J. Maas also wrote her world perfectly, I could just imagine myself there, in the beginning with the village, with the poverty, and then the Faerie lands, lush, green and beautiful, but hiding terrible secrets. She really has a way with words that make the worlds come to life, and I love it when authors are able to write like this.

There are also some sex scenes, but they were all pretty clean and I really liked how they were written.

The book is also filled with a ton of action, romantic moments, scary moments, hilarious times and much much more.

I loved the ending, it gave us some questions, but also answered a lot of questions.

I can’t wait for the next book to come out, I hope it will be a good one and that it will be filled with Tamlin and Feyre romance. A lot!


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