Review for A Guinea Pig Nativity

Review for A Guinea Pig Nativity

guinea-pig-nativity-1310-60So now it is Christmas, and I could finally read this little gem. I bought it some time ago, but I didn’t want to read it until it was exactly Christmas. Believe me, the wait wasn’t always fun, I kept reaching for the book, only to shake my head and then put it back.

I loved the other Guinea Pig that is out there (the Jane Austen one), and so I had to get this one as well. Guinea Pigs are amazingly cute (even if they sound kind of like the raptors do in Jurassic Park). I was interested to see how they adapted the Christmas story, how the Guinea Pigs looked, how baby Jesus would look (since he is the big star in this book).

For most of the book I loved it, I read parts of the text (though I knew the story by heart already), so for most I was just admiring the super adorable Guinea Pigs that featured each page.

Sadly, very sadly, I have to scrap 1 star of the rating. I was planning on a 5 star rating, but what they did for baby Jesus? I just couldn’t forgive them for that. Instead of getting a real baby (or little kid) Guinea Pig (which shouldn’t be that hard), it seemed they went for the art/crafts variant which looked like a little kid had made it. Sorry for being harsh, but you could instantly see it was absolutely fake. And as I said, baby Jesus is what the whole story is about, and to do this? No. Just no. 😐 You don’t just replace the most important character of the story with some arts and crafts thing.

But all in all, this is the perfect little book to read or gift during the Christmas days, and I would still recommend it.


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