Review for Hot Trash

Review for Hot Trash

13861504.5 stars. While I was sure I would like this one, I didn’t know I would love it so much. 🙂

This book combines 2 books from this series in one book. Though I am not entirely sure what happened to the pages (since it seems each book normally has 288 pages, and this one combined only has 288 pages), but oh well. I enjoyed it a lot.

The first book is from Chelsea POV (yes, apparently each book switches between POVs), and we find out how she got to work with Trash TV (it was quite sad, if I have to be honest, that poor girl). I liked Chelsea, she felt the most real, even with her big secret. Hearing about the lives of Karma (Korean/adopted + expensive fashion) or Alyssa (and her big secret + her travel to Europe). I could relate to her the most. She didn’t have money for big fashion, she was pretty much stuck to where she lived. She just felt the most down to earth, and I love characters like that.
She also has a great work attitude, not giving up, even when the job turns into something way more dramatic than she thought it would be. She also slowly finds out that nothing is what it seems in this world. Don’t trust anything.
I loved how she was with that one guy, though I still stick to my point, she deserves better. Not some guy who doesn’t want commitment and would rather want a loose relationship. That is not how you treat girls. 🙁

Book 2 continues where we left of, only this time from Karma’s POV, which was really interesting as Karma has 2 things going on in her life. A hot co-worker and a girl who looks just like her living in the same city. Is the girl a twin? Is she something else? It was really interesting to see what happened and what the conclusion was to it.

In this book we also find out the secret of Alyssa, which was quite a big one, and also a scary one (though not as scary as Chelsea’s). The book also ends up on a cliffhanger, just when stuff started to get good and we finally found out what was going on.

The books are full of romance, tons of drama, stalkers, popularity and so so much more. Just when you think it can’t be better there will be something new, something exciting happening. Sure, it isn’t high literature, but who cares about that. This book is just the perfect snack in between some serious books. If you just want to sit, and be entertained, this one is perfect.

I didn’t like all the characters, for instance Big Foot was quite annoying (and I hated how she was like a dog biting a bone and not letting go). 🙁 Barry was just horrible (read and find out).

I liked the project that the 6 interns did, to expose Trash TV, and I hope we will also see this one pop up again in the next book(s). Since I want to know what happened to it, and who found out about stuff.

I am quite curious about the next books (yes, I ordered them), and I hope we will get Alyssa’s POV in the next one, it would be amazing, especially considering what happens in the last pages of this book.

Would I recommend this book? Yes!


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