Review for How To Sneeze in Japanese

Review for How To Sneeze in Japanese

28266107A fantastic book for everyone who likes language, or weird sounds made by people.

I follow James Chapman on Twitter, and I saw he was holding a kickstarter to promote his new book. There were several tiers you could pick out, and I picked one with the most stuff (this book (signed with a super adorable drawing of my choice), the previous book, a tote bag, and much much more). And now, right before Christmas I received my package.

So, yeah, I immediately had to start reading it, and oh my, I loved it so much! I already am really interested in onomatopoeia, and in language stuff (which is also why I like James Chapman’s work so much), so this book is a valuable addition to my bookshelves.

The book is split up in various sections, from how people sneeze in Japanese (Hakuson), to how people clap in Arabic (Stah Stah), to how people cry in Dutch (Snik). These are just a few examples, of course there are many more sneezes, claps, cries, laughs and oh so much more. It is a delight to read it, you learn something, and you also have fun. Which is the best combination.

I had fun trying to say the sounds (which sound really silly), I guess I will search to how you should really say them. 🙂

Of course the book is filled with art (duh), and the art is really funny and nice. I loved the facial expressions during various of the sounds (from the way the tiger was looking at the woman who slipped over a banana in front of his home in the zoo, to how people look when they burp). At times I was laughing at that alone.

All in all, this is one book I would really recommend. If you are able to get it, be sure to buy it.


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