Review for I am a Hero Vol.2

Review for I am a Hero Vol.2


As I said in my review for the previous volume, not that long ago, I was planning on reading this one, I decided to just go ahead and read it immediately. And boy, did I wish I didn’t. 🙁

As of now I am dropping this series. I may still watch the live action, but the manga is a big no no to me. I am practically puking here, feeling sick in my stomach. Normally I don’t get this way when I read zombie books, but the way the zombies were drawn here, the over-the-top gore, is just a no no for my stomach. 😐
I already didn’t like the art that much in the previous book, at times it was good, but in this one? Sorry, but what is wrong with people, even the humans look like zombies, and the zombies look like some kind of deranged alien. 😐

There is a lot of action, so before I knew it I had read this manga (way faster than I read the previous one), so that is good. The manga did keep me on the edge of my chair. I just wanted to know how it would go on. However, Hideo does make some stupid decisions. He keeps running away, keeps running and running and running, and then well, you will have to read it to see where he ends up now. shakes head

Luckily Hideo’s hallucinations seemed to have stopped, or something, as I haven’t really seen them around this time.

So, yeah, dropping this, it is a shame, the live action looks really good, and checking some reviews and other sites, it seems a lot of people love this manga.


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