Review for Kanzaki Hiro Art: Cute

Review for Kanzaki Hiro Art: Cute

28080170Kanzaki Hiro, or Hiroyuki ODA, is both an amazing artist and a musician. He is one of my favourite artists and musicians. His art is vibrant, beautiful, gorgeous, while his music is upbeat, happy, and you just want to dance to the beat.

This art book shows us some of his works. From Oreimo, to original art, sometimes you don’t recognize his style, other times it is really clear that it is his. Oreimo was hit and miss for me (the anime), but I still enjoy watching all the art, and I remember some of the scenes that were drawn, so I had a laugh. And it was also really fun to see some of the characters, since I did like quite a few of them.

I really liked all the other works, the parodies, the fan arts for other anime/manga. We also have sketches and interviews (which I wasn’t really able to read, as my reading Japanese levels are low), but which were still a great addition to this art book.

The art is super colourful, and it was just pure eye candy to look at them.

I also really have to give extra points for the gorgeous cover and the cute font that is being used for it.

All in all, are you looking for some amazing art? Or are you a fan of Hiroyuki ODA/Hiro Kanzaki? Then be sure to check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.


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