Review for Making Strides

Review for Making Strides

15943389Yay! This series really keeps getting better, I already loved the previous book, but I think I just love this series even more after reading this one.

Apparently we have 4 main girls and each will be the main girl for one book, and then we get back to the first girl and so on. Unlike the previous book this one is about Malory. People who read the first book know that the previous book was about Dylan, and the next seems to be about Honey! I am really excited that they picked 4 girls and that we will see stuff from their POV. That will give the characters even more depth and will make the books really fun to read.

The story of course just will continue from where we left off, we just have a different girl, different things going on in her life, different horses. But all the trouble with Lynsey? Who told on Dylan? The junior riding team stuff? All are present. As is a healthy dose of boarding school, though I feel that in this book it is a lot less than the previous one. Mostly it was about Malory and her new pony, named Tybalt, who needs some extra love.
I did love that most of the story focussed on the pony, but I also wish there was a bit more boarding school. Sure, we had some parts, but it just felt like Malory was mostly at the stable. Practically living there it seems.

Tybalt, I am not sure if I like the horse yet. I did like seeing how he adapted to his new life, and all that happened there, but he is just not my favourite horse. Maybe that will grow, we still got a bunch of books left after all so there is enough time. 🙂

We also find out who told on Dylan in the previous book, and I had to say, it wasn’t such a big surprise.

Lynsey? She was just way too bleh in this book. I know she is the queen bee and all that, but wow, what a bitch. Making comments like that, treating her fellow team member like that. Sorry, but what? And I don’t understand how she was still allowed in the horse team with some stuff that happened in this book.

Something else I noticed was that near the end Malory fed her horse a piece of brownie… I thought that horses, just like dogs, couldn’t eat chocolate, on danger of health. So I am kind of confused, I would expect someone who loves horses as much as Malory to know this.

But all in all, this was a great book and I really enjoyed it. I do hope that next time we will have some more Malory x Caleb action, even with the book being from Honey’s POV.


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