Review for Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Review for Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

MrTiA big thank you to my dear boyfriend for gifting me this book! <3

This was an amazingly fun book, about letting your wild side out. Because acting prim and proper is all fun and that, but at times one just wants to go wild and have a bit of fun. And that is exactly what mister Tiger did. He was being all prim and proper, just like his many friends, but he just didn’t like it any more. He didn’t want to be restricted, he wanted to do something else. I was just cheering for this guy, cheering for him to just run into the woods and be free.
I felt sorry for him, with how his friends acted, it is much like in real life. As long as you fit in it is OK, but if you dare to wear or do something different, people will look weird, will look down on you. At least at first.

I loved the fact that mister Tiger was the one spot of bright colour in most of the book. He is bright orange, while all the other animals, the town, the clothes are just drab and grey. I am glad the illustrator/author decided to do it this way, it had a big impact, as mister Tiger stood out so much. You knew he was going to be different.

What I had hoped however was that near the end, and all that happened there, that the animals would find their colours. Like you sometimes see in shows, that people or animals sudden find what they are missing and become more shiny/turn from drab to colourful.

The art was really good, I enjoyed watching the scenery, I enjoyed finding little details. At times I could just imagine myself there, especially during the forest part. 🙂

The ending was really cute, and I am happy for mister Tiger.

Oh, and before I forget, if you have the hardcover edition that I have, you should unwrap the jacket and check the real cover. It is pretty!

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes, I would! This is a beautiful picture book.


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