Review for My Pet Book

Review for My Pet Book

18769849The boy’s mum gently asked him how a book could bring such joy.
“Because every book’s a friend!” explained the yawning little boy.

I spotted this book and knew it was a book I would really like. It turned out that I couldn’t love it, due to some stuff, but most of the book was terrific so I really like it.

Why would you get a cat? Or a dog? Or even a goldfish? Those pets are so dull and so the same, what about a book for a pet? A pet that never sheds, never poops, never will get flees, and you can just sit down and read the stories that it contains inside. What more could one want? It was a really cute idea, and I totally agree, though I think that hamsters still win as a pet for me. 😀
The boy’s passion for his pet book was adorable and it made me all warm and glowy inside. So many books are about kids wanting to get a pet, but none would want a book for a pet. It is original and creative.

There were a few things I didn’t like. For instance him dragging(?) the book with him on a leash, or that annoying maid that was a bit too dedicated to cleaning and apparently didn’t care to ask the family she cleans for if stuff can be removed/cleaned. 😐 I would have fired her for a) throwing away stuff and not checking if they are meant to be thrown away. b) for throwing away something like that. 😐

The ending was adorable and I was just awwwing at it all. I hope the boy and his book are together for a long time to come.

The art was really fun, and I liked that even though you read the text, you could still spend a long time looking at the illustrations and find all the things + more that the story had just told. I liked how colourful the art was, it really fit the happy nature of this book.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend to every booklover.


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