Review for Oblivion

Review for Oblivion

252095214.5 stars. Oh Daemon, so sexy and so grumpy. 🙂

I will quote some stuff from my review of book 1, since that also applies to this one. I will put those in italics, and in quotes so you all know that it is from that other review.

This book is all from the POV of Daemon, a hot, but really grumpy guy who needs to get his priorities straight at times. I was really delighted that we would get a book from the POV of Mr. Hot and Cold. I read the first book some months ago, and I am still planning on reading the second one, boy, I am glad I waited. This way I read 1 and 1.5 in sequence and now I can read book 2.

A lot of the stuff that happens in this book is what happens in the first book as well (logical), but there are also several newer scenes + we can finally see what is going on in Daemon’s head (something I did want to do, since he was so hot/cold). Now I know that Daemon truly thinks of Kat 99% of the time, and we also find out what he really feels about Katy (from the start, and not near the middle/end). And it is quite fun to be inside Daemon’s head.

“Deamon is pretty hot, and Katy is pretty awesome (and I love the fact that she reads a lot of books, squeals when books come in, and has a book blog). There is a lot of tension between the two and while I did get annoyed, I also kind of liked the bickering between them.
(Kind of, because really guys? Do you need to bicker so much? It just felt fake and off.)

However, and this might be very unpopular opinion, I felt at times like I was reading Twilight. Deamon’s constant, we are not good for you/you are not good for us/leave us alone shtick. It is practically the same thing that Edward kept hammering about in most of the first book. Add to that that she is apparently not even afraid of him or his skills. Add to that her clingy ways and her attitude around Deamon. At one time I was even wondering when someone would come in to play the role of Jacob (sadly never happened). Also as soon as they do something (you all probably know what I mean), for some reason they can’t stop (see Twilight and Bella’s reaction to Edward). In the end I was just laughing at a lot of the parts, shaking my head and wondering if anyone else sees it.”

From a friend I heard that Jennifer L. Armentrout has also written books 2 and 3 from Daemon’s point of view, but sadly that is only through digital means. While I don’t mind ebooks, in this case, I just want the paperbacks/hardcovers. So I am just hoping and wishing that some publisher will bring them out (in English). I would buy them in a heartbeat. Oh well, I still got some time, since I still need to read book 2 and 3 normally, but I hope that buy the time I am done (some time next year) there will be 2 more Daemon POV paperbacks.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. If you loved the first book, then you will love this one.


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