Review for Shadows

Review for Shadows

13183957So I finished this one, after reading the first book, and the book in-between (the one from Daemon’s POV). I really wanted to know more about Dawson, and I can say that after reading this book I like him more than I did in the Deamon/Kat books.

Why? Well, he was painted quite negatively. That because he fell in love, he died. There was quite a bit of negativity, and though there was also love, it was mostly negativity that Dawson was so stupid to fall in love with a human, that it was his own fault. It didn’t give me a good image of Dawson, which was a shame. So while I did read this book, I was a bit hesitant about stuff. But as the pages flew by, I noticed that Dawson wasn’t so bad. He was also not all too happy that he fell in love, that he showed his secret to a human, but you can see him slowly change from being less happy + feeling guilty to a man who accepts that he is in love, that he wants to be with this girl, even if she is human, and not Luxen as he is.
Dawson was even great, he was sweet, kind, so unlike his brother Daemon who is quite a jerk (though yes, a hot jerk with a kind heart underneath all the mean barbs). I loved how he tried to help Bethany, how he was there for her when she needed him, I loved that he protected her all the times, he did everything for her, she was his world.

Bethany was also fantastic, thanks to the previous books I had quite a bleh view towards her, but as soon as she was introduced, as soon as we saw her POV I instantly loved her and her character. She was sweet, caring, strong. So different from Katy, who is more spice and flames, while Bethany is more flowers and candy.
Bethany was caring, sweet, and knew how to keep a secret, she was so kind towards Dawson, and it was amazing that she knew who he was and who his brother was. I often see this go wrong in literature, that twins (triplets) get confused, but not in this one. That made me cheer for Bethany and Dawson’s love more than ever.

The romance between these 2? Oh, man. Swoon, swoon everywhere swoon! It is just the most cute, hot (but still clean), sweet romance that I have seen in a long time. Jennifer L. Armentrout sure knows how to write kissing/make out scenes. Wow, wow and triple wow!

The ending? Well, we finally find out a bit more, but I still have so many questions. Are they really dead? Are they really gone gone? Or is there something more going on? I already had my suspicions in the other books, but reading this one? I only have more suspicions towards the DOD and Arum.

I also loved the multiple POVs.

All in all, this was an amazing book and I really enjoyed reading it. I just flew through it. 🙂

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Looking for a great science-fiction book? With great and swoon-worthy characters? Great romance? Well be sure to check this one out!


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