Review for The Enormous Crocodile

Review for The Enormous Crocodile

9780141501765I have read most of Roald Dahl’s children’s book, but there were a few I hadn’t read, and I am planning on reading those as I want to have read all of this amazing author’s books.

I found this one at my library (lucky, since it is English), and I decided that operation: Read all of Roald Dahl’s Books is a go. I was really interested in reading this one, even though the crocodile sounded positively horrendous.

And the crocodile was horrendous, and bad, and evil, and wicked, and deserved what he had coming in the end. The tricks he did to get little kids (and their parents) into his big gaping mouth were really evil, though I also have to say they were smart. Blending in like this, if it weren’t for certain people, no one would have noticed until the crocodile had eaten the kid.

Though that brings to me wonder, do the kids/people understand the animals? At times it seemed they did, at other times it felt they just reacted to the commotion. The animals did seem to know the children’s names at least, so they must visit often.

The illustrations are (of course, because this is Quentin Blake) fantastic and really fitted the story perfectly. Quentin Blake always had, well he still has it, that special way of drawing that just brought Roald Dahl’s works to life.

This book will make you chuckle, it will make you shake your fist at that evil crocodile, and then you will cheer when the ending pops up. 😀

All in all, I would recommend this book, it is a fun book and young and old will just adore it!


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