Review for All or Nothing

Review for All or Nothing

159433934.5 stars. The main focus of this book is Mallory, and the important decision she has to make.

Since she got picked for an exclusive program during the summer. Something she never thought would happen, but it happened. For most of the book we will see her doubting between spending time with her dad (which is especially important to her, now that she is at Boarding School and he is all alone, and she really misses him) or going to the summer camp and learn a lot about horses.
I could just imagine how it must feel, I don’t have any real life experience with it, but I do know how it feels to be between things and having to pick one over an other. Picking one will make people happy, and the other is more selfish and will mean you will learn new things.

Then we also got the whole Caleb (BAH) situation. He was quite the dick in the last book, and he really doesn’t make it any better in this one. Seriously, does that guy have poop for a brain? Or does he truly not understand that people ride for different reasons. One might want to win, but for another it is to be with horses and have fun. I really liked him in the books before this one and the one before this, but now? No. Even with that ending (no spoilers) I am still not on the shipping boat for Mallory x Caleb.

The book was really fun with lots of horses, family moments (Mallory is lucky to have such an amazing dad), competitions and much much more! It was a great book and I truly have to say that this is one of my favourites out of the series.

I do hope that our mean girl will get a redemption moment, because I just want to throttle her.

Would I recommend this book? Yes! Cute moments, horses, boarding school, friendship!


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