Review for Copper

Review for Copper

0-545-09893-9What the hell did I just read…. This was just utterly confusing. There are some stories that are just one page, but often didn’t make sense, and then we had a few that just seemed to go on and on an on and on. 😐 In other words, yawn!

I also agree with another reviewer: Why is this categorized in various places (not GR) as a Children’s book? This is NO children’s book. It might have the colourful art, but the text, all the stories we have? No. There are bombs, destroyed worlds, talk about death, destruction, there is one comic where the character dreams of dropping bombs upon people. Not to talk about the depth of the conversations at times.

The dog is thinking everything is out to kill them, he is negative, he really ruined the whole book for me. I just wanted him to be silent, maybe a bark here and there, but nothing more. Sometimes you shouldn’t make the animals talk.

The art, yes, I did like it (well at times), and I also liked that at the end of the book the process on how this comic was created is shown.
But that didn’t save the book from the 1 star I am giving it.

Would I recommend this one? No. Not at all.


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