Review for Girl Online on Tour

Review for Girl Online on Tour

27271640Phew, well, I am disappointed in this book. From a spectacular first book (4.5 stars), to this. The first half was pretty decent, but the real hit in badness came from the second part. The first part was around 4 stars (with the occasional dip to 3 stars), but the last part? I absolutely hated it. Well, OK, the ending was decent, but it still had some stuff I didn’t like. At all. Like the Noah thing.

Let me start with the first book. The book starts off a few months (at least it seems like that) after the events of the first book. Luckily the author let’s know what happened, how Penny and Noah’s relationship is going and what is about to unfold. And what is about to unfold? Well, Noah is about to go on a tour (with his band), and Penny is invited. The tour will go through Europe and will feature several great shows.
Noah was really sweet at the beginning, helping Penny (and she helped him), telling her she didn’t need to worry, telling her he would make time for her and they would be able to go touring through the cities they go to, telling her all kinds of cute promises. So, naturally, I was just enormously excited. Tours? Romance? Trips through cities? Um, yes, when do we start?

Of course clumsy Penny first loses her phone, which brings in a whole new story line with a stalker after them. I did love that addition, though until the end? I didn’t have a clue who got the phone, and who was blackmailing her. It sure was a surprise near the end to find out that person did it. I wouldn’t even think that person would have done that. Wow.

But then the tour starts (after some other bumps in the road). And from the start I hated Blake, best friend of Noah and also in the band. He was obnoxious, a pervert, drank tons of alcohol at any time of the day, was a dick, and oh my I could go on for days about this guy. I will also talk some more about him in a later part since he does something that is just unforgivable.

The tour is really fun, and I loved that we could see how it went backstage, how Penny tried to befriend the crew, the band, the people helping with the concerts. She really tried her best and even with a few (almost) panic attacks, she did amazing.

She also writes her blog, though it is offline, because of the events that happened in the first book. But she still writes, and some people can still read it. She can still vent, and have her blog, but without the added stress of people posting nasty stuff. Of course people want Girl Online to be back, but luckily they are just kind about it.

But soon in the tour I started to notice that something was changing about Noah. Instead of the sweet, kind guy that he was in the previous book, he was changing into something I didn’t like. I would like to say this. Yes, I know that he was busy with the concert, with meetings, and all sorts of other things. BUT he promised Penny he would make time, that he would be there for her. That he would help her, that this tour would just be fun and all that. And sorry, the tour was only one thing to Penny. Stress. And also unhappiness. She keeps being pushed away.
Instead of him trying to see if he could re-arrange schedules, he just pushed Penny away, cancelling at all kinds of weird times, or not even mentioning it to her. But still Penny remained with him, and I seriously loathed that kind of stuff. Luckily, eventually, Penny does say something, but then Noah just does nothing. He tries to make up, but he still avoids her or has to cancel. I just wanted to hit him on his head, or kick him in his balls. Again, I know he has a busy schedule, but he also promised her, and instead of trying to make time, he just went along.
Of course later in the book we find out why he is so busy, but that was no excuse for me. This not how you treat your girlfriend. This is not how you treat someone you know has panic attacks, who is easily scared, who has no one else in that place to talk to.
I hated Noah.

And that hate only grew later when Penny was practically assaulted (I would call it that at least) by Noah’s best friend (remember Blake)(while the friend was drunk) and after hyperventilating in her room (because well we know that Penny has attacks), she goes to her dear boyfriend to tell him about it. She then has a panic attack which was really bad (because of what happened + what she heard), and what does Noah do when he hears about what happened? Dismiss it and tell her that Blake (the dick) told him Penny would say all that. What does Noah do? Believe his best friend over his girlfriend. A girl he knows wouldn’t fake a panic attack, has enough social anxiety to fill a cruise ship, but yet he believes his friend. He laughs, he accuses her of shit, he shouts at her, and then is fucking surprised later when she just stands up and leaves. What the hell did you expect? You treat her like dirt all through the book, you don’t believe her when she gets assaulted, and even shout at her? What the actual hell is wrong with you.
I truly hate this kind of thing. Boyfriend not believing their girlfriends, boyfriends thinking the girl is a slut, not even thinking it might actually be the other party. It is disgusting. And I don’t think you deserve the girl if you treat her like this. 😐
Bah, bah and bah. That part, and how Noah treated her throughout the book just left such a big bad nasty aftertaste in my mouth).

Then we have Elliot, who I didn’t always like in this book (no surprise there), but I did like him and Alex together. They were adorable, and I was so happy for Elliot.
I also did like Elliot and what he did for Penny when stuff didn’t go right. He can be a good friend. 🙂

Leah was the biggest surprise in this book. At first I didn’t like her, but I soon saw that the bitchy mode was just one of her parts, and that she was actually quite nice and friendly. The thing she did in the end? I was just applauding, that was such a sweet thing to do.

The ending. sighsI liked it because of Alex and Elliot (no spoilers though), but I hated it what it meant for Penny and Noah (again no spoilers). I could easily talk about what I didn’t like in spoiler tags, or what I liked. But I don’t want my whole review to be one big spoiler tag.

All in all, I would say this book:
3 stars. -1.9 for Noah, -0.1 for Blake.

Would I recommend this one? No. Even though it had quite a few great parts, there were a lot of parts that left a bad taste in my mouth. Will I read further books (because there are still a lot of unanswered questions (like who Pegasusgirl is))? I am not sure yet. Maybe, maybe not.


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