Review for Honey So Sweet Vol.1

Review for Honey So Sweet Vol.1

honey-so-sweet-vol-1-9781421583259_hrThis was a really adorable, fluffy, cute manga with fantastic characters (well except that one guy that got dragged into the party).

Nao, a sweet, kind and caring girl, who is finding out that while people look frightening that doesn’t mean they are like that inside as well. Taiga, our sweet and handsome guy with the scary face is indeed not that scary as he looks. Actually he is also looking for friends, for happiness, for joy.

I really had quite a laugh in the beginning parts of this manga. Nao’s reactions to Taiga, they made me laugh so hard, though of course I also felt sorry for Taiga.
But after that bumpy and hilarious start in their relationship they quickly become friends, and I can see (just like everyone around her) that it is way more for Nao (we already know how Taiga is thinking after all). Of course, typical of a manga like this, she keeps denying it, or is she really that dense? I guess we will find out as the manga goes on. I do hope for a lot of romance though, these 2 are really cute together, and I would love to have some romance between them.

I didn’t like all the characters, as I said, I didn’t like that guy that got dragged into stuff by Taiga. I know, it is wrong of Taiga to do that, but I also don’t think that the guy should do all the stuff he did. Taiga just doesn’t know any better ways of communicating it seems.

The field trip, and what happened there? Poor Nao.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, at times I had to pause to drool over the gorgeous full-paged art. Wow!

Would I recommend this manga? Yes, are you looking for something cute? Something funny? Then be sure to check this one out!


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