Review for Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm

Review for Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm

172622824.5 stars. A new fun, laughing aloud story with Judy Moody in the lead.

I really loved the topic of the book, good luck charms, good luck, bad luck, Spelling Bees (those really sound so much fun, I would have loved to have those back when I was a kid), pigs and oh so much more.

However, like I said in previous book reviews for Judy, she is so easily impressionable and at times seems like she has no brains in that head of hers. OMG my good luck charm works, lets not study or do anything. Sure, it seems the charm worked, but if it was truly the charm, or just Judy being extra lucky during those days, we will never know. I just didn’t like how Judy depended so much on one charm.
I also didn’t (never did) like her attitude towards Jessica. On the one hand she is friendly, but on the other hand it seems she is just using Jessica. 😐 Not a good attitude to have for a kid so young. Bleh.

But most of the book had me laughing out loud, especially when something happened to the charm and it seemed all was lost. Judy’s reaction to it, and then Stink’s reaction (when he did something with the coin), was great.

The trip to D.C was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot, I wish I could see all those things that Judy and her family saw. They sound fun and interesting, exactly the kind of stuff I would also enjoy.
I loved the little Bad Mood House, that would just be perfect for Judy to have.

Of course we also have illustrations, and I still love them a lot. They are fun and really make me laugh at times. 😀

Would I recommend this book? Yes!


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