Review for Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days

Review for Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days

121220754.5 stars. All aboard for the trip around the world in 8 1/2 days!

Really, I am so jealous of these kids and their school projects. I wish I could participate in them. The teachers at Judy’s school really make sure kids are having fun with their school things.

This time the school project is about a certain lady who went around the world in 72 (I believe) days. They are going past all the countries she went by, eating, learning, doing all kinds of things. Even having group projects and showing what is so special about that country.

We also have a new character, and while I didn’t like her in the beginning, I slowly started to like her more and more. Though, and this is maybe me, I just didn’t like how Judy instantly started copying her style, immediately clung to her like a monkey. It was a bit odd, and it is one of those things that I just don’t like about Judy. How easily impressionable she is, how she just seems to drop everything if she finds a new role model. It is a shame. 🙁

I also thought the argument between Judy and her friends was just hilariously stupid and overdramatic. Seriously you don’t speak to your friend for more than a week because of some things? She even said sorry (though in a Judy way, so maybe that doesn’t count), but she at least tried, and she also tried to work on the project. It really kicked a dent in the way I thought about Rocky and Frank.

The illustrations were great though, and even during parts that I didn’t like, I still kept going because of them.

All in all, a pretty good book, and I would recommend this book to everyone.


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