Review for Judy Moody Gets Famous

Review for Judy Moody Gets Famous

123325494.5 stars. An amazingly fun book with a realistic and nice character.

After the first book turned out to be such a success, I knew I just had to get the rest of the books. I was at first looking to buy 1 and 2 together, but then I found an amazing deal, 10 books for ~20 euro. So now I have a whole stack of these books and I just can’t wait to read them all!

And now for the book. Judy Moody is at it again. She is quite moody again, but with right reasons. I can just imagine it mustn’t be much fun to see everyone having their minutes of fame while you haven’t gotten anything. So I liked her determination to find something that would make her famous, she tried a whole lot of things and I was just cheering for her as she did things. Of course, stuff do go wrong, but thanks to that… well let’s just say her quest is complete.
Judy is quite the realistic character, she is grumpy, but for the right reasons, at times she lies, but confesses because she feels guilty (apparently she gets a terrible itch, which is really interesting).
Though she really needs to do better in school. She is good at science and biology, but if she wants to be a doctor her spelling also needs to be right. Because who knows what kind of stuff she would recommend to people, or grab for someone when she can’t read the big words.

I loved all the side-characters + the new one. I do hope we will see more of that new girl, maybe a visit from Judy? They seem to get along just fine when they met.
Stink was your typical brother in this story, at times at odds with his sister, but also trying to help her out, then at odds again, and so on and so on.
The parents were fun, and I liked how they handled Judy’s moods.

Thankfully, the art in the paperbacks is nice and perfectly visible. Unlike the ebook that I had of the first book, which had microscopic images. Now I can appreciate the art even more! And it is so good, it perfectly captures Judy, her moods, but also her family and friends and all that surrounds her.

All in all, another book that is a hit in this series. I will be soon reading book 3. And I would really recommend this series (well up to book 2 at least). 🙂


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