Review for Judy Moody Goes to College

Review for Judy Moody Goes to College

12721237Judy Moody takes a turn in this book, she is going to college!

Yes, now I hear you all say, College???? But that girl is only a child? Well, thanks to a new teacher at school Judy now has to take a tutor, and that tutor is at college! It was a nice change of scenery, though I was a bit annoyed with Judy throughout the book.

Why? Well, like with some of the other books, she is so easily impressionable, and will drop anything and everything if she finds a new victim to play the role model. Throughout the book she KEPT going on and on about College. Taking over the words, having a big attitude about college and how lowly everyone else was if they weren’t in college. It was just a bit stupid and silly, and I just wanted to smack Judy on the head.

I didn’t like the substitute teacher. The way she handled these kids, you are not making them learn anything. They will just do it for the sweets and then forget about everything again. 😐

But there were also fun parts, like the last part of the book, or that Judy was (without often knowing it) learning maths. Now if only she lost the attitude.

The illustrations once again saved the book for me during parts.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, and no. Yes, there were some parts that were good, and you do fly through the book. But no, because of how Judy acted throughout the whole book.


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