Review for Judy Moody Mood Martian

Review for Judy Moody Mood Martian

25241603Say hello to a Judy Moody that you never knew existed! 🙂

Yes, because in this book it all starts with a Backwards Day (of which I never heard until a few years ago) and ends with Judy going for a whole week of being Backwards. Which means, brushing her hair, doing homework, cleaning her room, dressing normally, no bad moods, no shouting, be nice to her brother. As you can imagine it is a big task for such a little tantrum filled girl. Luckily for Judy she has something that calms her. Something that calms many people. Knitting. Not with knitting needles, no, with her fingers. Which causes a big chaos of yarn and wool everywhere! And when I say everywhere, I do mean everywhere. Over her cat, over the tv, in the living room, in kitchen supplies. Don’t even ask how she does it, but she knits a lot in this one.
Of course, I can also imagine that her parents might tell her to clean it up. Knitting is fun, but leaving your yarn and wool everywhere is just a no no.

I really liked Judy in this one. She was quite sweet, and she did her best to be a good Judy for once. Of course, once again she uses Jessica (poor girl) for purposes of finding out what to do to be a good girl.

I loved that her brother and friends thought she was an alien. I can so imagine why though. Come on, Judy Moody (her name says it all) and she not being Moody? She actually cleans her room and does her homework? Wow. It must indeed be a clone, or a pod, or an alien. 😀

The class unit about maths was so much fun, I wish they had those kind of lessons here. I wouldn’t mind maths like that back when I was a kid.

I loved the ending, and what happened to all the yarn/wool. I am sure she could set a record with it.

Again, praise to the illustrations, which showed clearly how much Judy was really knitting.


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