Review for Judy Moody Predicts the Future

Review for Judy Moody Predicts the Future

14323871Yay, Judy Moody was fun again!

After a very disappointing last book, I am delighted to say that I really liked this one again. Sure, Judy wasn’t always fun or nice at times, at times she was downright annoying and bratty, but in overall it was a big improvement from the impressionable girl from the last book.

In this one our girl goes the psychic mode and thinks she can predict stuff! As you can imagine, this isn’t going well for her. But at least she got a pretty mood ring that she just loves to use on anyone, especially herself. She is even aiming for one colour, and it was pretty fun seeing her try to get that colour.

Here we also see a typical brother/sister relationship, with squabbles and discussions and arguments about not borrowing stuff without asking.

I also did like how she tried to pass her spelling test by just sleeping with a dictionary under her pillow. 😀

The whole what is going on with Mr. Todd? Well I knew from the start what was going on, but it was still nice to see it confirmed at the end.

I also liked that Judy just wore whatever she wanted and apparently doesn’t get bullied for it. Gee, how different that is from real life.

The art/illustrations are still great and really liven up the book.

All in all, I am happy that Judy Moody is so much fun again. I hope the other books will stay like that.


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