Review for Judy Moody, The Doctor is In

Review for Judy Moody, The Doctor is In

131403674.5 stars. This was a super fun book in the Judy Moody series. I enjoyed it a lot.

In this book I wish I was in that class as well, the classes sound so much fun. A visit to the hospital? Learning all about the body? Making a big project to show to people? Yes, yes and yes! This is just the way to teach kids about stuff, by making it all fun.
I really liked the projects the kids made, especially Judy’s. She is so creative and what she did to that Zucchini? It was great and it made me laugh, though I felt kind of sorry for the food. 😀

Of course I didn’t always approve of Judy, the way she acts and tries to get everything to her side is at times a bit annoying. I also was worried about the toad and her plans for that. Her stealing that from her brother? While she clearly states she doesn’t want him to take anything of hers? Rude and hypocrite.

Not only is the theme doctors/hospital because of what happens at class (and Judy’s dreamjob), it is also because there is something going through Judy’s house.

I didn’t like the prank the friends did to Judy. Bleh.

The book made me laugh, it made me cheer for the characters, I was really enjoying myself. I will be sure to read the rest of the series. At times I am annoyed, but generally I like the series. I guess I will soon have to buy book 11 and 12 if I continue with the speed I am reading these books.

The illustrations are still fantastic and make the book come more to life. They fit perfectly.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, and even more yes!


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