Review for Judy Moody was in a Mood

Review for Judy Moody was in a Mood

72476284.5 stars. I saw these pop up and I was just curious. Who is Judy Moody? Is she always Moody? After reading this I can honestly say that Judy is a great girl, and I laughed aloud during many of the parts in this book.

Say hello to Judy Moody, say hello to her little brother (Stink) and her parents and her cat. They are a typical family. Judy doesn’t really like her brother, they prank each other, annoy each other, but you can see that she cares about him a lot, even if she would never confess to that.

In this book Judy is quite a bit moody, but if you hear the reasons you probably will agree with her on many of the whys. And that is also why I didn’t mind it so much when she was a bit moody, because I could just nod along and was agreeing with her. Those are pretty good reasons to be like that, especially when you are still a little kid.

While the book does follow a thread (the collage, the friendships, whatever happened in earlier chapters), the chapters were more like short parts out of the life of Judy. At times it was a bit jarring, because you were just getting into a day/story, and then it was over and it was the next, or however many next days after that.

I loved Judy’s interactions with her friends and classmates, and especially with one guy in particular. It shows the reader a wise lesson, don’t judge someone on something they did one time. 🙂

The parents were really terrific. They handled Judy’s moods with perfection.

There are also illustrations, and I loved that those were added as they gave the story extra life. I was reading the ebook, and they were quite tiny. But I hope that when I get the paperback the illustrations will be bigger.

Because yes, after reading this, and absolutely adoring Judy, I just had to get the books. So soon I will have 10 of the 12 books, and I can’t wait to start reading them. I hope they will all be as great as this one.

Would I recommend this one? Yes!


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