Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.23

Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.23

25111303After thinking for a bit, I have decided to downrate this volume from 5 stars to 3. The overdramatic stuff, the fact it was all about an Ayane that was just too meh.

Yes, this whole volume was about Ayane. Normally she is one of those characters I really like, but in this one? I didn’t care much about her. I know, this might sound cruel, but how she pushed away people, the things she said, the whole boohooo I am bad/selfish etc., it just felt overdramatic and totally didn’t fit the Ayane I had in mind.
Plus the stuff she said did have a truth in them, and I just wanted to smack her face for acting and doing such things. You just don’t do that. No.

So instead of feeling sorry for her, I felt so so sorry for Kento. That guy deserves so much better. He is a sweet, lovely guy, he is always there for his girlfriend. Taking care of her, giving her love and presents, and what does he get in the end? Yeah, just find that one out in this manga. I am sure you all will want a big cry then. I won’t spoil anything. I may hint, but never will spoil anything.

Since this volume is all about Drama Ayane, we only see the other girls when they comfort Ayane, or in parts and pieces. Which is just a dang shame. Not that I am that interested in Sawako, since even if this volume is now quite some time from the first one she barely improved. And her relationship with Shota is just well… I am not even sure at times if they are in a relationship. The relationship between 2 characters in Tonari no Kaibutsi-kun has more spark, even if they just barely do anything together. Seriously, I can imagine that you might be a bit careful and do less kissing/hugging when you just got together (especially given how awkward Sawako is), but come on, you guys have been together for quite some time, and yet you barely go out, barely show any affection. It just feels so fake.
And yes, I do keep reading this series, because even with that, there is a good story, and I am interested, well was, interested in seeing the other girls get their dream matches as well. We just need more Shota and Sawako romance.

The art is still gorgeous and that is also one big reason why I continue with it.

Yes, I cried a few tears during this volume, mostly because of the dramaticness, and the poor poor Kento. 😐 Stupid Ayane. 😐 I get why she did it, but did she have to hurt him so much?

All in all, I am not sure if I would recommend this volume to people. I guess you would need to read it, since I am sure the next one will continue about it, but well…. just be warned.


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