Review for Kobata [Illustrations & Memories]

Review for Kobata [Illustrations & Memories]

15770895CLAMP are my absolutely favourite team of mangaka, they make some stunning art, and so when I saw this art book I knew I just had to have it and read/go through it.

This book is split up in seasons + 2 extra sections, beginning with spring and ending with winter. Each of the seasons and the extras feature Kobato in a big assortment of dresses and beautiful clothes. It was a delight to see Kobato, and I just wish I could wear the clothes she wears in the series and this art book. Wow! It was also great fun to see the little symbols that matter in the manga come back in the clothes or in the background. For instance if you look closely you will see the bird pop up each time. Then there are flowers and feathers and bunnies. Since I read the manga and saw the anime I was delighted to see these symbols pop back in the art book.

There is only one other character in this book with Kobato and that is her faithful and grumpy companion Ioryogi. I did wish that the other characters would have gotten some spotlight attention as well, but I am already glad that we got this art book as it is. Let’s hope that CLAMP will make one that shows us all the characters in this world.

As I said, the art is gorgeous. It is colourful, sweet and matches Kobato perfectly.

Highly recommended to everyone, especially fans of the series!


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