Review for My Little Monster Vol.12

Review for My Little Monster Vol.12

25387770sniffles and sighs in happiness Ah, and so it ends, in the most perfect way you can ever imagine. I just cried, it was that beautiful. So many feels!  Dang, I was worried about the ending for a bit, but now, wow. sniffles some more Perfect!

I will keep this one short, as there is a lot of stuff that gets wrapped up in the end, couples get formed, school is finished, and a certain stuff is said and done, and I want everyone to go in this one fresh and without any knowledge. 😀 (Yeah, I am mean like that at times, muahahaha.)

This manga concludes the My Little Monster series, it has been 12 volumes, and for the English version, 2 years of delicious story telling and gorgeous art. Yes, there will be a 13th volume, though I am not sure what is in there. From Wikipedia it seems to be a bonus volume, but the story is completed with this volume. But I hope some scenes will be included in that special. I think people know what scene we would all just love to see.

The manga starts at the normal pace, but then things happen, and while normally a year takes a long time in the manga, this time we see the highlights, and end up at graduation. Yep, that is right, we are at the graduation time! Did all of the characters make it? Who is doing the speech?
I have to say I love Iyo-san, normally I think she is one annoying character, but she really showed a different side in this one.

Shizuku really has changed. She is still a bit stoic, but less than first. She is happier, enjoys her life, has friends, a boyfriend and so much more. I just loved seeing her change.
And not only her. Haru also changed. From scary and misunderstood to studious, making easy friends, having a girlfriend and doing what he wants to do.
And not only them, but other characters also grew so much, it is amazing, I just remember when we just started with this series and how they all were, they are so different in this last volume.

I loved the romance, though I wish there was a bit more of it.

Thanks to the author for also making a 3 and a half years later part, I loved that one! Plus that story that followed after that one. Yay!

All in all this is a series I would highly recommend. The art is gorgeous, great characters, interesting story. Definitely read this series!


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