Review for My Summer Fair Surprise

Review for My Summer Fair Surprise

13732475Squeee, that is my reaction to this whole book. It is one big bundle of cuteness and sweetness. Really one would get a cavity from the amount of sweetness that this book (and this series) has.

We are back in the classroom this time, though no fear, it is not the normal classroom time. There is a parade coming and the kids are making banners, throwing out ideas for the parade. Of course they want their pets to come with them (after all their whole parade idea is about them). As you can imagine though, the teacher isn’t all too happy. It was really fun seeing everyone brainstorm, from the children to the caretaker, and the solution? I loved it. The reactions of the pets? Also loved them, they deserve a moment out of the classroom.

Humphrey was really cute in this one and I enjoyed hearing his thoughts and what he said. He is quite wise for a tiny little hamster. Even if he doesn’t really behave like a hamster (he has perfect vision; he doesn’t seem to sleep during the day (only sometimes); he sees all the colours in the world, but yes, I know this is all a fiction book, and if Humphrey couldn’t see, then he couldn’t do all sorts of things, but still… (as a hamster lover it is a bit frustrating)), you can still clearly see he is a hamster, and at times he acts 100% like a hamster (though with superpowers). 😀

I also like the cast of characters we have next to Humphrey and Og. The teacher, the kids with all their funny Humphrey made names, the things those kids do for their pets, it is all really adorable.

I still love the art, but I am still not sold on how Og looks. Everyone else looks pretty good, but Og doesn’t look/act much as a frog. Which is a shame.

But all in all, I really enjoyed myself and I had quite a few laughs. The parade was really fun, and I am happy for Humphrey.


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