Review for Nukoduke Vol.1

Review for Nukoduke Vol.1

75914214.5 stars. A small review to this adorable and hilarious manga.

The story begins when Yuuya picks up 2 Nuko, cats + humans, little small critters who look at act like cats, but look pretty much like mini-humans with cat ears + tails. They can also talk. But for most of the time they are pretty much cats. Their tongue is rough, they can’t handle hot foods, they get distracted by everything (though, that kind of sounds like me, if I think about it), they love being petted and getting attention. Yuuya loves them, up to the point I was wondering if it wasn’t getting a bit creepy. Making pictures of them, getting shot through the heart with invisible arrows when the kitties do something super adorable.
I loved the kitties, and all they did for Yuuya, how they gradually became more independent and could go out themselves instead of eagerly waiting for Yuuya to finally return from one of his jobs.

Yuuya was a great guy, really interesting and super funny. I loved that he was so caring for the kitties, he really did his best to care for him, even when he wasn’t always taking care of himself (who the hell falls asleep on the side of the road?????). His adoration for the kitties was really nice, though like I said, a bit creepy at times. 😀

I liked the addition of the friend next door who seemingly burns even tea or water. I have no clue how, but for some reason anything will burst into black smoke.

The art is really great, and you can see it is improve, even in one volume. Which is really great, I can’t wait to see how the art will look in the last volumes.

All in all, if you want a laugh, a squee and some more laughs, try this one out. It is pretty short, the chapters are mostly around 5 to 8 pages, but it is so worth it.


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