Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.7

Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.7

81lQoj7c2VLAh yes, I remember this part, it was also in the anime, and it wasn’t my favourite part.

The whole (well OK, 99%) of this volume is about Yukika and her unrequited love towards Sunakawa. Normally I would love a setting like this, but Yukika just creeped me out. Seriously, he saved you from a dodgeball so long ago, it was instant love and then you just STALKED and made photographs of him all the time? Um, that is not love, that is just wth. I get that she is shy, but stalking someone for 10 years is just beyond that. If she was also violent I would peg her for a yandere.
I also just didn’t like the girl, even if we leave the whole stalking and creepy photographing, she is still so plain and boring, and I just got tired how she froze every time anyone would talk to her. You have the chance to talk to the guy you love and instead you talk to walls, his best friend, his best friend’s girlfriend and so on. 😐

So yeah, I was mostly frustrated at this volume. Maybe I should have skipped this one, but I wasn’t sure if the anime let anything out of it, so I just needed to read it to see if anything was different. Conclusion: Not.

Of course we also have several cute Yamato x Takeo moments (I especially loved the part where he went to her house and she magically opened the window, and then what happened afterwards. So cute!).

I do hope Sunakawa will find someone, someday. Though he seems pretty satisfied with his life at the moment. Still I hope something will happen, because it is getting a bit boring that he keeps rejecting any girl, doing nothing special and just being there as the pretty boy next door.

I love the art, especially the close-ups of characters are just gorgeous. <3

Would I recommend this volume? Meh, I am not sure.


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