Review for Scandals, Rumors, Lies

Review for Scandals, Rumors, Lies

cvr9781442403840_9781442403840_hr4.5 stars! Finally(!!!) this one got delivered and I finally could find out more about what happened. The last book ended with a cliffhanger (ARGHHHHH), so I just needed to know how it would continue.

In the last book there was a giant (but not unexpected) explosion between Paige and Sasha. Like I said, not unexpected, the whole last book was about the strained friendship between Paige and Sasha. Paige kept pushing and pushing, and more pushing. Sasha just needed time. And then that ending part. Finding out what Sasha found out, I could imagine she said no to her friend. That is not what friends do. I know Callie is also Paige’s friend, but still, this was Sasha’s story to tell, not yours, Paige. You already push to hell about stuff, and then you do that? I can so imagine that Sasha did what she did.

And that was leave and become roommates with Brit. I love Brit and I just felt so happy that we wouldn’t have miss Push Push Paige, but instead would have someone who matches Sasha, who respects her boundaries, who helps her out, cheers for her. Brit is amazing. Though I am still kind of hesitant about it. It was just too easy and I am kind of wondering if this is the true Brit or not.
I know, it is a bit strange, but I can’t help it. Maybe Brit is truly just kind and nice, but it feels a bit too convenient. Maybe I am just reading too much into it.

This book also continues on the strained relationship between Callie (bleh) and Paige (bleh) and Sasha.

We also have YENT, though I wasn’t surprised to see who won that one. I so hate it when it is obvious who will win from the get-go. Come on writers give us a surprise, no need to go through the road most walked.

Then we have some extra drama with a new blog. I am quite curious who it can be though I have at least one main culprit (Julia) and one I am not sure about (Brit). Especially after reading an excerpt on Amazon about the next book. With that information and with how Julia reacted? Or with how Brit is still so perfect? I am really curious to see who has that blog. I hope that Sasha won’t get in trouble though. She finally settled in, she is finally letting go of all the drama, she deserves some peace and quiet.

We also have some lovely Jacob x Sasha romance. Again, I will stick to the whole: They don’t feel the age they are. They are what? 12, maybe 13? I am sorry I don’t believe for one bit that the romance is like that at that age. This is way too mature, especially considering how the girls and boys look at the relationships. I would still stick to my 16/17 year old theory. That fits way better.
But the parts were they were together were super sweet and I was just aww-ing all the time.
I also loved that Jacob invited Brit at times, he really cares about his girlfriend and her life.

The whole Eric and Jacob part? It had me grinning from one ear to the other. I won’t spoil anything, but let me just say that it was about time this happened.

And then we have the tons of horse riding, the ton of fun training, and I have to say I loved it all!

I can’t wait for the next book to be delivered (I ordered it when I was halfway through this book), at least it will be here sooner as that book is in stock (and I don’t have to get it second-hand through Amazon). 😀
Though after that… I will only have that one bonus book, and then this series is over. I will really miss it.

Would I recommend this book? Yes!


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