Review for Stealing the Bachelor

Review for Stealing the Bachelor

28094909I received this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I was really looking forward to the book, it sounded cute and fluffy (that blurb and cover just pulled me in instantly), just the book I would love to read. And for quite a bit of the book it was that. We have 2 POVs, Ann and Eric’s. I loved that we see the story from both perspectives, it gave so much more insight in both the characters. We see what Ann is thinking (truly) about Eric, how she feels about the situation (Eric + her work), and we see what Eric is thinking. Which is mostly Ann, but also his family situation.

And that also makes the book even better, both characters have great backstories which make you want to cheer for the characters, and also understand why they do what they do. Sure the backstories were a bit dramatic (no spoilers though) and at times a bit too much, but I still liked finding out more about the characters.

Ann was a pretty great character, though she seems to be prone to falling for the wrong kind of guy, even though enough people warn her she just continues happily and then finds out (too late) that people were truly right about it.
I loved that she was hard-working, she could have sat down after hearing the awful news about her work + manager, sobbing hard and not caring about anything, but instead she just cleaned up her work, and went to help her sister, she stayed strong throughout the book and that was amazing.
However, I did get a bit tired of her constant hot cold attitude towards Eric. The readers can clearly see that she just wants to jump Eric, but instead we constantly get the whole hot cold and not telling him her true feelings. I just wish she had spoken sooner. I know she is afraid of a new relationship, but yeah, it just got a bit annoying that it took so long for her to understand her feelings and just go for it.

Eric, he was a wonderful guy, though he really has a few things to learn about women and what not to do or say. But in overall he was the best character from the book. He stood his ground multiple times with his parents/family, he did his best for Ann, taking on her case even with all the trouble that followed. And he was just a great, sweet guy, and I was just cheering for the dude to finally be able to date Ann. He has been looking at her, wanting her so much for so long, I just felt a bit sorry for him.

Most of the story was great, the romance parts, the parts where they were both swooning over each other were cute, and I loved those.

But, I also have to tell what I didn’t like. The drama for one. There was just so much drama at times that I was rolling my eyes. It was totally unnecessary and felt so forced. With the ending the drama only went up 9000% and especially those later parts really destroyed the rating for me. How Ann reacted, how Eric acted, it was like they just wanted to destroy everything that was build up in the book.

Also the case? Sorry, it was just hilariously bad. I was kind of hoping the case would take a bigger spotlight, but in the end it was just there to justify Eric and Ann getting together. The whole case was laughable. The fact they totally didn’t care about professional attitudes (because hey, why would you care about being a professional, just date your clients), or how the case was handled? Wow… Nope. It was a shame. 🙁

The POVs switching was quite annoying. At times we had a whole chapter from one person’s POV but then it would just switch in the chapter itself. Sure, there was something to tell us that things were about to be switched (a little dot/space between the parts), but all in all, this just didn’t work for me. I was still in Ann’s or Eric’s part and then it would just switch around.

But all in all, this book was pretty good and I did enjoy it. Romance, cuteness, awkwardness and good side characters. I would still recommend this book.


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