Review for Team Awkward

Review for Team Awkward

26246518Anna is back again! And in this book she tumbles through life again. Throwing discus in people’s faces backwards, really, don’t ask, falling in plant pots and much much more!

I was delighted when this book came in yesterday, finally my pre-order was here and finally I could read it! I have been looking forward to it ever since I finished book 1 and found out about 2.

Anna is a great character, hilarious, and I do wonder how she has survived up to age 14 so far. I mean, this girl is so accident prone that it is a miracle she is still in one piece (and those around her as well). OK, sure, she also has some good talents, but she has an uncanny skill to do something which she totally didn’t mean.
But she is also determined, determined to get better and to stop stumbling around. In this book we can also see it. She is at times depressed, but she still continues to try out, to try to find something she is good at, and that she wants to do.
Her crush on Connor was adorable, though I am sad we didn’t get a lot of romantic moments, I was really looking forward to it after the last book. 🙁

However, I do have to say that I didn’t always like Anna. She was just so depressing at times, and yes, I can imagine why, but still, I just got tired of her going on and on that she couldn’t do one thing, that she was hopeless and all that. Don’t get me wrong, if it was a bit less dramatic I might just have liked it. But after a few times of it? I got bored and just wanted to shake Anna and tell her to stop being so negative. Yes, you are a clumsy girl, but I am sure you can do great things. You are great friends with your friends, you are motivated to try again, you are doing fine in school, you have a great family (though crazy, very very crazy), and you have Connor (though that one was kind of meh in this book).

Connor didn’t help in this book. In the end we find out why, and all that, but by then I couldn’t give a damn about Connor. He mostly dodged Anna, he didn’t even try to go on a date with her, barely talked to her. I just didn’t like Connor. The last parts really made him better, but yeah, my thoughts for him were still negative.

But in overall, I just laughed my butt off while reading this book. Wedding planning, and all that follows with that (Dear Lord, I just felt sorry for the dad), Dog and his antics (seriously how did that dog survive until now?), Jesse and Danny’s stuff (especially Jess is a magnificent and fun character), the whole sports event that is going on in the book (and all that happens around and at the event).
It was a great book and I flew through it.

I also loved that we had email and note conversations, I really loved reading those!

What more can I say? Well, I would love to see a third book about our It-Girl Anna, after all we still got a wedding, and some stuff with Connor is just starting off, also I would like to see the new couple that popped up (which was kind of suprising, but I quickly saw that these two liked each other (though Anna… did not, her reaction was brilliant)). 😀

Would I recommend this book? Yes. It might get a bit depressing at times, but for most of the time you will be laughing your butt off.


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