Review for Team Spirit

Review for Team Spirit

71CGXjtGA7LA bit of a hit/miss book. At times it was really good, and I enjoyed it, but other times, not so much.

The whole Ali Carmichael stuff? It just bored me and seemed so silly and over the top. Don’t get me wrong, of course it is bad if she might get replaced because of one show (like what?), but the whole drama around it was just sad and meh. I disliked the girls who gossiped about stuff, I mean, one competition went wrong? And immediately you hate the trainer? Like what? Why? You can’t win everything, even that previous trainer probably lost a competition at times.
And even with the competition not ending all that great there were still a few clean rides in all teams of Chestnut Hill. But oh no, everything (from the competition to anything else) was the fault of that trainer. 😐
And how Dylan seemed to not even care about anything else. Yes, it is her aunt, but I found the way Dylan reacted to be too much. Butting into conversations, accusing her friends, and so much more. It is not what I would like to see in my characters. And Dylan is already the type to just shout whatever she thinks without thinking.

I did had a laugh, Dylan was judging Lynsey for wearing brand label clothing…. and then when there was a dance, and I quote: She was wearing a silk teal Marc Jacobs dress she’d bought in Aspen over the winter break, her favourite pair of Naughty Monkey sequined wedges, and a pair of funky Swarovski earrings her mother had sent her from Amsterdam.
Yeah girl, go ahead and judge everyone but it is quite hypocritical if you wear brands and talk about them like that yourself. Silly girl.

But I did like the horse parts, the competition, the talk about the horses, the trail rides. That is why I kept reading the book, it was so much fun. I could just imagine myself at the stable, standing there and watching all the horses and the chaos of everyone readying their horses for training or to clean them. 🙂

I also like to read about the Boarding School part of the book.

The ending was great and I really was clapping because we are finally done with all the drama.

I will soon be reading the next book (bought it at the same time as this one, and it arrived a few days ago) and see which girl is talking then. I like each book is from the POV of one of the girls. 😀


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