Review for The Bear Extraordinaire

Review for The Bear Extraordinaire

28550100Not a long review, but I do want to write down my feelings for this book!

I saw this book on Twitter, one of my friends there was going to read the book and shared some pictures, I was instantly drawn to it. A big (scary) bear? A tough girl who is not afraid of some bear? Good art? Yes, yes and triple yes! I just knew I had to have it, so I bought it.

And I really enjoyed myself. The bear was just hilarious, at first though I found him quite a bit scary, but then later, when the girl goes to meet him, we find out the actual truth, and I just had a bigger laugh. That poor bear!

The girl was awesome, I do like it when girls in book kick ass, and boy, did this girl do that.

I really liked the art, how often one page was a big beautiful illustration, and the next was just a coloured page with text on it. At times it jarred me out of the story, but mostly I loved that creativity.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book. It has a cute ending (it will make you go awwww and cheer for the bear), and of course a great girl character.


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