Review for The Garden of Words – Memories of Cinema

Review for The Garden of Words – Memories of Cinema

28422045I absolutely loved the Garden of Words movie, though it could have been better if it had TENMON as composer (sorry, I really hated that they didn’t have him in this movie, his music is so beautiful, and would have fitted better than the music they had now), but let’s not digress. The art in the movie was stunning, and so when I saw there was an art book, I knew I had to check it out.

And so I did. Dang, wow, this book is full of backgrounds out of the movie. It was just a feast for my eye to see all the lush backgrounds, the details, the colours, everything. I was absolutely drooling, and I so need to watch the movie again (though I will put a cd by TENMON up while I am watching). Makoto Shinkai really has a godly art skill (though his humans could use a bit work at times, though I have to say it is so much better than before), but the backgrounds, the details, it all makes up to it. Add to that the sad stories, which thanks to this art book I remembered, I remembered what happened to these 2 characters.

The pages switch at times with pages with Japanese on them (which I couldn’t really read), and then again one or more gorgeous backgrounds. While I found the Japanese words a bit of a bother, I would rather have a whole book with nothing but images, I think it still matches. It makes it a bit more like a photo album (with papers in-between the beautiful photographs to protect them).

I really loved this art book, and if you love Makoto Shinkai’s work you will too! Be warned, this book will suck you in, will keep you captivated and breathless until the last page!


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