Review for The Pirate Pig

Review for The Pirate Pig

23278491Pirates, pigs, treasures, oh my! So much fun!

This book was really cute and adorable. It was also really creative, in all my reading time I haven’t read a story set in the time of the pirates with a pig(let) who can sniff out treasure. Yeah, you read that one right, this is a pig who will make people really rich.
Julie was really adorable, and it was fun seeing her grow, and also conquer her worst fear (something that was a bit hilarious considering what she did).

But, I also loved Sam and Pip. I was worried about them, I have read enough books to see that often characters will change when they encounter big piles of money. But oh no, not these two, if anything they care more about the money because they need food for Julie + food for themselves, than that they care about the treasure for real (in fact you should read the book to see what they actually do with the treasure most of the time). 🙂
They never changed, they were dedicated, and super sweet towards Julie. Many a person would have changed, or would have run away, but not these 2 and that made the book even better.

I also loved that we have a backstory on how Julie got to Sam and Pip, and what happened to her in her life.

And then we have the last thing I want to discuss, which is the art. My, oh my, I loved the art. It made the story come to life, and the characters matched how I saw them. That doesn’t always happen. I have read books with illustrations were I was disagreeing with the illustrations (sometimes because they were really wrong, and you wonder why the illustrator didn’t read the book or why no one checked anything, but sometimes also because my view was just different from the illustrator).
Not this book though. This book was great! And I had so much fun watching the characters doing what they did best.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Young and old will love this little book.


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