Review for The Silver Six

Review for The Silver Six

16280879I am not entirely sure if I want to write a review for this one. So I will just do a good bad review.

-Art. Though at times it was a bit deformed, especially with scenes that were far away.
The art did match with the book’s story, and with the characters.
-The story.
-The twists and turns that I saw coming, but were still nicely added.
-Some of the characters were really great.
-The planet where the characters landed was pretty and interesting.
-The ending.
-I liked how easily the kids formed a friendship, but even with that, you could see them struggle at times.

Not so good:
-The bad guys, especially that one bad guy. He just annoyed the hell out of me. 😐 And yes, I know, he is evil and muhahahaha, but sorry, instead of finding him an epic villain, I just found him lame and annoying.
-The planet the kids landed on, I do wonder how the air stuff worked, I am sure it isn’t easy to just find a planet, magically, that has oxygen and the same air stuff as earth. And I am sure it isn’t as easily found as one two three.
-The main character frustrated me at times. At times she was really great, but at times she was just soooooooo whiny. 😐
-The robot, and what happened to it + the ending. Bah.

All in all, a pretty good book, but it had some stuff I just didn’t like. Would I recommend this one? Yes, even with the stuff that wasn’t all too good, I still enjoyed this one.


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