Review for Tough Cookie

Review for Tough Cookie

9781634501972A fantastic picture book about a very tough cookie.

When I heard about this book I knew I had to have it, and it took a bit, but now I have it and I can honestly say that this is just a perfect book. Full of laughter, some sad moments, some moments where I was cheering for our cookie.

Our tough cookie, you wonder why he is like this? Well what happens when one is made and one is missing a key ingredient! He cannot be sold, he is different from his friends (other cookies). Instead of sulking, this cookie just does anything and everything to make the life of others as bleh as his is. Of course, not a good idea, but I could understand it. He just wanted people to care about him, to like him, and for him to be accepted.

The stuff he does was mostly harmless, and it made me laugh. I didn’t know cookies needed food to live. 🙂

The ending was really cute and it made smile a very big smile of happiness. Yay!

I do wonder why the cookies came to life, and other objects didn’t. Maybe some Ingredient X? Like in the Powerpuff Girls? 😀

The art is gorgeous, I just love Grace Sandford’s art. It is playful, fun, and colourful and I loved how real the cookies looked. Especially our tough cookie, he just had a whole character that you could see shining in the art. And all the food stuff (since well, I wouldn’t want to eat the cookies that live), oh my, I just wanted to eat them. Those doughnuts. <3

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend. Kids, but also adults, will adore this book and will love tough cookie.


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