Review for Why?

Review for Why?

21813244Welcome to a hilarious book about a little rhino wanting to know why everything is like it is.

I read More (in Dutch) not that long ago, and then during a trip to one of my libraries, I found this book and (miracle miracle) it was in English. Of course I couldn’t resist it, I knew I would like it, if it was just like the other book.

And it was! Just this time instead of more, Archie is asking Why. Why is this and that like that? Why do things go splat? He has got all kind of questions, to the exasperation of his parents. Who decide to take him to the museum. Which turns out to be not an all too good idea as Archie now has more questions than ever. Those poor parents, they did their best to answer, but after a while I can imagine that people might just sigh, shake their heads and go: just because.

Still, even with all the questions, I couldn’t dislike Archie. I had quite a few giggles about his questions, which at times were quite embarrassing (though I am guessing they were more embarrassing for his parents who had to shush him).

The art is once again great, and I really liked it. Colourful, to the point, and I just adored the backgrounds, especially in the museum. So many details!

All in all, I would recommend this book. Especially to those who might have a tiny one who is at this phase of his life. 🙂


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