DNF Review for Symptoms of Being Human

DNF Review for Symptoms of Being Human

22692740I have decided to put this one in my DNF shelf for multiple reasons.

-Riley is the biggest reason. I just couldn’t connect with that character, nor did I feel sorry about them that much. I know, their life is a big rollercoaster, but sorry, instead of feeling sorry for them I just was annoyed with them. Seeking deliberate provocation.
That blog was also one thing, I loved the things they wrote there. However, the way the went with commenting on people who asked questions that apparently to Riley weren’t nice, or the way they commented on haters… I just was shaking my head. Yes, people are dicks at times, but no need to provoke them even further. Just delete the comment, and laugh about their silliness. Done.
I also didn’t like how they were towards their parents. Yes, they have no clue about you, yes, they push you, but hey, if you never share any of what goes on in that head of you, then why are you so angry at times with them. Just be upfront with them. Maybe take that therapist of yours with you.
Also stop being so whiny/bratty. 😐

-It read like an encyclopaedia/text book. I don’t mind reading encyclopaedias at times, I love to do that, but if I am reading fiction I don’t want an encyclopaedia as well in it. Information dump is nice, but is generally a reason why I am going to drop a book. There was just so much information on gender, gender fluidity and other stuff, and so little story. 😐 The whole story can be summed up to this: Riley wakes up > Riley’s inner dial points to female or male > Riley dresses/acts accordingly > Riley goes to school > Is on the watch for anyone making comments > Seeks Bec > Studies > Blogs about genders > Comments on people > Has arguments with parents > Sleep > Repeat.
I really had to push myself to read this book, and halfway through I decided it wasn’t my thing, I decided to just read another book.

-I think that after 2 books I read about gender/gender queer/fluidity, and both of them being not good, I am just going to step away from this topic. Until there is a book with a good story + some information + a likeable character. This book wasn’t good, that other book was also not too good. And once again it was the character that was thinking about their gender that ruined the book for me. The side characters (in this case Bec and Solo) were great and I kept pushing to read the book because of them. Once again, as I also said in that review, I have nothing against people who are thinking about their gender, who are confused about it, who are wondering what they are. I am totally fine with everyone. But it seems the way they are written, the way the books are written is just not for me. Maybe one day I will find a book about this topic that I will love. I would love to find one. But for now? I am just going to skip the book if it is about gender problems/gender stuff.

-I also read on reviews there is going to be a rape scene/assault scene, and I am just not comfortable with those, so that is also a reason why I am just saying no to this book at this point.

Phew, I think I posted everything I wanted, all my thoughts and feelings on the book. It is a shame, this was one of the books I was really looking forward to this year, and it turned out to be a dud. So many friends loved it, so I was even more hopeful, but it seems it was not meant to be.
And again, I am fine with everyone being what they want to be. Just so no one comes to me calling me all kinds of names or saying I am discriminating. I am not. I am just not happy with how the books and characters are written.


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