Review for Animal Planet Ocean Animals

Review for Animal Planet Ocean Animals

257523214.5 stars. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This book was amazingly fun! I am so glad I had a chance to read/review this book, because it was just so pretty and fun.

The book has gorgeous photographs, which had me wishing I could be there to see it is in real life. Not only did we have small photographs, or one page big photographs, we also had 2-pages spread of a photograph which were just delightfully beautiful.

Next to the photographs we have a great visual book with information about all kinds of animals in a fun and informative way. With little checkboxes with silly things like: Pool Party worthy? or Hug worthy? And then a yes/no would be checked.
I also liked that it compared humans and animals. For instance it would list what animals would use and then give a human alternative for that. I am sure kids will love those parts, they really bring it closer to home than just giving facts and statistics.

There is a mountain of information and I just love how it was done, seeing where these critters live (with maps), or how big they were (since we don’t have the measurements like they have in the US, I am delighted with them giving comparisons to real life objects).

There were just 2 things that I didn’t like entirely. At times the book is a bit chaotic. I think best would be to put those research pages in one part, and maybe after the whole animal part. Now they were put in between stuff and it just felt a bit odd.

Also once again, the US/Canada centricness. There are great aquariums all around the world, I am sure you could have listed a few of those so that people in the world (US (nor Canada) could enjoy it and possibly visit those aquariums. It is not that effort, especially not with Google and so much information available online. Just do a bit of research, believe me, people will love it.

But all in all, this was a terrific little read and I enjoyed it tremendously.


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