Review for Bookishly Ever After

Review for Bookishly Ever After

21018154Thank the Lord in heavens! I am done with the book. I know, I could have dropped it, but I kept hoping this nitwit girl would finally get a brain… but she didn’t.
What a disappointment. I thought we would get an amazing bookgirl, instead I got a girl who I couldn’t connect to, and who frustrated me in almost every page. Dear Lord. 😐

sighsThis was a highly anticipated book for me, and it was just not good. It took me 9 days to finally get through this one, and I contemplated dropping it a few times, but then I would shake my head and just soldier on through the book, hoping, against everything, that it would get better. Sadly, I can say that it didn’t. The whole dramarama (because that is what I would call it) between Dev and Phoebe takes an entire 360-ish pages…. only then something conclusive happens, though what that is, I won’t tell due to spoilers.

And not only the drama was infuriating, oh no, if only that was the only thing that was that frustrating I wouldn’t have minded the book that much (OK, that is kind of a lie, I would still have minded it, but less).
No, what we get in this book is a book girl, a girl I was hoping to connect to, hoping to see another girl like me. Instead I got something totally different, a huge nitwit, a girl I couldn’t connect to once. Instead I was shaking my head constantly at her stupidity, at the fact she apparently couldn’t function once without the need of being a book character (yes, each time she talks to a guy, she just goes into character mode. Not ONCE does she go into her own mode, not even in the last parts). I can imagine a person doing it once, but ALL the time, and doing a perfect impression of a book character + their quotes? What? Why don’t you just be yourself for once. I can imagine you want to transform, maybe ask for help from your books, but this? No.
I also found it quite creepy. So what is so wrong with you. You like books? So? Millions of people do. So you like to knit? So? Millions of people do that as well. So you are awkward? Aren’t most people that around their crushes? Just be yourself, no need to become Marissa or Maeve.
Not even during archery, or during normal day situations.

Then we don’t only have her constantly in book-mode, but oh no. At times she is pretty elitist about books and people. And if there is one thing I don’t like it is a person who thinks she/he is so much better than everyone else. Talking smack about people when they don’t love a book, or don’t treat it the same. I can imagine that you might be a bit angry about people touching your book and potentially bending the spine, but to go into some creepy elitist mode… no.

Also I have yet to see a girl or a boy, go quote stuff from a book in public.

I am also wondering about her friendship with her friends. Now I do love reading a book, and preferably everywhere (well except the toilet, because ick), but reading while you are eating lunch with your friends? That is just kind of rude. I can imagine it happening once (because OMG new book!!), but she does it all the time, and I was wondering why her friends just didn’t ask her to leave the table, or took their conversations elsewhere, especially with how Phoebe would react to people (hint: not nice) if they dared to bother her.

On the nitwit part again, I was seriously wondering how Phoebe couldn’t see the hints, I mean, it isn’t as if Dev isn’t hinting all around that he is crushing on Phoebe. But does Phoebe see it? Oh no, she just goes into character mode. 😐
I was definitely agreeing with Dev at the end of the book and what he said there. Go boy, I would have said the same thing.

Then we have Em, the best friend (though I don’t see how), of Phoebe. Why I am so negative about her? Welllllll, let me just say that I hate characters who just push, push AND PUSH. Oh, you need to be with this and that guy, because he likes you. Oh, you want a choice? NAHHHHH. Transform! Push Push. Even pushing them together at several awkward times which just made me cringe a lot.
Seriously, just go away Em. I can imagine you want to hint to a potential nice guy, but the things she did in this book? I hated her. She is a terrible character and she stands nicely on the 2nd place on OMG can we just erase these characters?

Kris, or Phoebe’s crush for most of the book, my LORD, I know love makes one blind, but this blind? Even I could tell from the instant he popped up that he was that kind of guy. But did Phoebe see it? Oh no, she went into character mode and even forced a character on Kris. 😐 sighs

The random parts with quotes, or about the books (and thus the transformation) were interesting, but sorry, after a while I just was tired of it, and I just skimmed them a bit and then went on with the story. Especially with how Phoebe was treating these pieces, like they were some kind of holy grail.

Dev was truly the best part of the book, a cute guy, with a brain, who truly, and really tries his best to make Phoebe see him. I kept on shouting at him that it would never work out. Just go for someone who does have an interest in you, and who is acting normally.
He just deserves someone better, someone more fun.
I vote for a book about Dev, maybe called: The Day I Wanted To Date An Ice Queen Idiot. Or maybe: Why, Oh Why, Did I Fall in Love With That Nitwit?
Or just simply: Bookishly Ever After: The Good Story.

Phew. I think I got all that out of my system now. Boy, this book sure gave me emotions, just not the right ones. 🙂 This book will be going on the stack to give away to a second-hand store, maybe someone else will find this book, and maybe they will like it better.

I see that this book will be getting more books? Well if it is all about Phoebe I will just say NOPE, NOPE, and then run away. If it is about other book girls, well Lord I so hope that they will be better than this nitwit.

I would definitely not recommend this book. I think for my book girls I will just stick to anime/manga (Yuki. <3 <3 Ritsu. <3 <3 Patchouli. <3 <3) because those at least seem to get them right, and not overly exaggerate them 1000% times.


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