Review for Cinderella and the Incredible Techno-slippers

Review for Cinderella and the Incredible Techno-slippers

9781479587544When I spotted this book while browsing online, I just knew I had to have it. I love the story of Cinderella, and what better is it if it is a retelling of the story. 😀

The book mostly follows the story of Cinderella, though there isn’t a fairy godmother (because this Cinderella is already kick-ass), or fancy dresses (though Cinderella does dress up a bit). The whole time (back at midnight) is there, but not for the reasons most of the books (even retellings) have. But it is a reason that fits perfectly with this book/story.
The rest is there. Cinderella is there, she has to clean up after her step-sister/brother, her stepmother is a hag, and then there are several other events happening.

I loved this Cinderella. Instead of just slumping down, she makes awesome things to help her with the cleaning, she has these amazing techno-slippers which make you dance (and which look very fancy). And she is trying hard to have a happily ever after, because with the events happening in the book not everything is going well, even with all her inventions.

I loved the ending, and I had a bit of a snicker about things that happened there. Yay! Justice is served!

The illustrations are great, but then again, it is as expected from Becka Moor who really has a great way of drawing.

Would I recommend this retelling? Yes. It is cute, it is sweet, it makes you laugh, and you will cheer for Cinderella. Also you would want those slippers as well (if only they were real!).


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